Trustee Services

Owner Trustee Services from Shepherd Aero provide non-U.S. citizen aircraft owners a discreet, safe, and cost-effective solution to owning U.S.-registered aircraft.

By owning an FAA “N-registered” aircraft, owners can benefit from:

  • Higher resale value
  • Increased access to global airspace
  • Worldwide-recognized FAA maintenance
  • Access to the largest pool of pilots and engineers worldwide

With Shepherd Aero you get a product that is:

  • Discreet. Client confidentiality is at the core of Shepherd Aero. Public aircraft registration records show the name of the Trustee.
  • Safe. Our trust agreement is filed with the FAA using insured and bonded escrow agents.
  • Cost-Effective. We offer comprehensive client coverage at the best rates in the industry.
  • Fast. We can complete most transactions within one week.
  • Flexible. Whether needed short or long-term, Shepherd Aero can accommodate and create a wide array of custom solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are owner trusts a legitimate way to register my aircraft?
Yes, the FAA has approved and recognized “owner trusts” as valid and completely legal ownership structures for over three decades.

Why should I use Shepherd Aero?
Shepherd Aero offers highly-rated customer service with your own dedicated representative, all at a cost that is nearly half that of our competitors. With Shepherd Aero’s other services like global aircraft ferrying, export/import, and management, our trustee services can make your aircraft transaction process seamless with a “one-stop shop”.

How do I sell my plane that’s in an owner trust with Shepherd Aero?

Shepherd Aero makes it easy! Once you start the process of selling your aircraft, simply let us know, and we stage all required paperwork with your escrow agent for a seamless transaction with no delay.

What if I only need an owner trust for a short period of time?
No problem! Shepherd Aero offers customizable options. If you are putting your aircraft in an owner trust to facilitate a sale, we can ensure the trust is set up to make for a smooth transaction between you and your buyer.