Every Thousand-Mile Journey Begins with a Single Step

The adage “every thousand-mile journey begins with a single step” resonates with the Shepherd Aero Team as we embark on hundreds of multiple-thousand-mile journeys every year by moving business aircraft around the globe. Each of those journeys starts well before the actual flight, the proverbial first step being the fundamentals of flight planning, and moves from one strategic phase to another as we determine intermediate stops, aircraft performance, crew rest, weather patterns, and above all, any geopolitical issues or international restrictions (anyone ever heard of COVID-19?).

The journey of operating aircraft is akin to any business project, requiring an immense amount of planning and preparation, and also a highly-skilled team to execute the plan. While all of us at Shepherd Aero have a background in aviation, it’s the unique business challenges that each aircraft we operate presents that keeps our team prepared to handle virtually any aviation operational project. From our globally-distributed operations team to our vertically-integrated business model, we are here to solve our clients international aviation problems with creative, efficient, and safe solutions.

Where is your aviation journey taking you next?

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About the Author Derek Meyer