Challenges in International Aircraft Sales

How many times have you considered buying or selling an aircraft in another country and passed it up because it seemed too complex or difficult? If that number is more than zero, then Shepherd Aero is here for you, whether you are an aircraft sales broker, aircraft owner, or an operator looking to expand a fleet.

When it comes to “getting a deal done” in the aircraft sales business, there is no golden key to success. Every airplane is unique, every client requires different items and services, and then add in geopolitical events and financial market conditions, and it’s easy to see that every transaction is a mountain to climb and conquer.

Furthermore, the aviation industry is a global one, and oftentimes, aircraft transactions occur across country borders, across oceans and deserts, and the fact that an aircraft is on the other side of the globe should never deter a buyer, broker, or operator from pursuing that aircraft. Likewise on the selling side, a seller or sales broker should consider buyers from all over the world and not limit sales potential simply because of geographical challenges. But, as the adage goes, that’s easier said than done…

Do any of the following questions sound familiar?

  • Can I buy this airplane on the other side of the world?
  • Can I help someone sell their airplane on the other side of the world?
  • Can I get an airplane from a remote corner of the globe back to my home airport?
  • Can I get an airplane inspected and exported in another country?
  • Can I be certain a foreign-registered aircraft can be registered in my home country?

With Shepherd Aero’s international transaction solutions, we can help you answer with a confident “yes” to any and all of these.

Our Global Turbine Aircraft Ferrying provides an all-inclusive, turnkey solution to move virtually any turbine plane across borders. Our customs import and export processing support means you don’t have to handle any of those small, sometimes forgotten details. And, for non-USA citizens, our Trustee Services allow for short or long term solutions in moving, owning, and/or operating FAA N-registered aircraft.

Best of all, we are a vertically-integrated company, meaning we don’t have to outsource any of the work we offer our clients, from flight planning, to 24/7 dispatch, to customs and immigration coordination, and even aviation regulatory support, we handle everything in-house. That translates to a smooth and straightforward service to you as a client, plus a one-stop-shop approach means you can budget your money confidently from project start to finish, knowing you aren’t missing any expenses.

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Shepherd Aero: Here to make your answer “Yes”
when it comes to international transactions.

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