An Exciting Week for Shepherd Aero

It’s been an exciting week for Shepherd Aero and one of our clients. We added this beautiful Challenger 604 to our managed aircraft fleet, and we’re seeing this is indeed a wonderful time to be investing in private air travel. Thank you to Jetcraft and CFS Jets for providing our client with a top-notch experience, to Wings Insurance for lining up a customized policy in a short timeframe, and to Aviation Tax Consultants for the critical evaluation and creation of the client’s ownership structure.

This airplane was one of Jetcraft’s first to receive the MicroShield 360 antimicrobial treatment applied by F/LIST, proving private aviation remains one of the safest and cleanest ways to travel.

Shepherd Aero offers comprehensive and highly-customizable aircraft management services for aircraft owners worldwide. With our extensive experience in owning and operating aircraft around the globe for the past two decades, we provide a bespoke offering at a fraction of what it costs to run a full flight department. Curious for your own customized proposal? Send us a message here.

About the Author Derek Meyer