A Shepherd Aero Milestone on a Day of Thanks

As the USA-based Shepherd Aero team celebrates this day of thanks, Thanksgiving 2020, we are grateful for all the family, customers, and friends who have supported Shepherd Aero over the years, especially in such trying times with which we have all been presented since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, we are exceptionally grateful and excited that, as of yesterday, our firm was also able to celebrate a milestone.

With our successful completion of a Gulfstream G150 (pictured above) ferry to the USA last night from Germany, the Shepherd Aero team has completed over 300 international flights across 50 countries since the beginning of the pandemic earlier this year. Shepherd Aero was not immune to the dramatic slowdown in business/revenue this year, but as so many businesses, big and small, have proved in recent months, resilience and persistence are key ingredients to success, whether in the midst of a pandemic or not.

This is a moment for us all around this big globe to reflect on where this year has taken us thus far, and remember that gratitude is not something to be reserved solely for one day a year. We hope to see this post one year from now and be able reflect even further on the growth and lessons learned. Happy Thanksgiving, and cheers to Blue Skies and Tailwinds ahead!

About the Author Derek Meyer