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The Finale of 2020 for Private Aviation

As the sun sets on yet another Quarter of 2020, and the final one begins, the private aviation industry as a whole stands poised to see the most tumultuous year in memorable history for this industry–and world–come to a close with bright signs of recovery and growth.

In April of this year, virtually all operations in our company came to a standstill, and we were not alone. After the huge influx of private flights in March from passengers looking to hunker down for quarantine and lockdown, the phone calls and emails stopped coming in across the industry; no one needed or wanted to travel. However, there were still essential, private flight operations continuing, and our delivery of aircraft across borders and oceans—several of which for medevac operators—were part of that group. One of the biggest contributors to our continued, albeit depressed operations, was our internally developed COVID-19 risk mitigation and testing protocol. Our company Founder, Travis Holland, was insistent that testing was the path forward to reopening borders and flight operations, and now, in October, nearly seven months later, many countries and territories have adopted COVID-19 testing as their own methods to keeping international travel open.

There will always be challenges in operating airplanes–some of the most advanced machines on Earth today–and even our firm, which does this every single day, is learning something new on every single flight we conduct or support. This new, ever-evolving world amidst COVID-19 poses even more hurdles, but we at Shepherd Aero are convinced these hurdles will only prove to be the catalysts of incredible rebuilding, innovation, and growth in our industry.

Whether you are an aircraft owner, lessee, operator, or broker, Shepherd Aero is here to help you conquer the mountains you see in front of you with our suite of services for the private/business aviation stakeholder. Don’t let the hurdles keep you away from private aviation; allow them to be your inspiration.

Our service offerings are described on this page, and each of those services pages detail how you can leverage our extensive operational capabilities to maximize your aviation operations… worldwide.

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