Aircraft Buyers

We offer an aircraft inspection, flight training, aircraft delivery.

Aircraft ​Broker

We ​offer pilot services, maintenance and management.

our Services

Aircraft Trustee Service

Reliable trustee services from experts in aircraft acquisitions and registration. Discreet, safe, and cost-effective.

​Fractional Ownership

​Generate revenues from third party aircraft usage while retaining global freedom of movement.

Services-Shepherd Aero

Global Ferry Service

​We provide highly qualified, safe, and professional crew members that strive to meet your schedule, and deliver your aircraft safely.

​International Trip Support

​Local support for your worldwide operations. From Planning Services to Crew Provisioning. We can help.


​A ferry service is often the best solution for a private aircraft owner who needs to transport a plane around the world for maintenance or repositioning. These international trips can be logistically complex and inconvenient.