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We offer flight training, flight planning, trip support, pilot services, and trustee services.

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We provide highly qualified, safe, and professional crew members that strive to meet your schedule, and deliver your aircraft safely.

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Reliable trustee services from experts in aircraft acquisitions and registration. Discreet, safe, and cost-effective.

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One-on-one, in-aircraft training with worldwide availability.

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As the sun sets on yet another Quarter of 2020, and the final one begins, the private aviation industry as a whole stands poised to see the most tumultuous year in memorable history for this industry–and world–come to a close with bright signs of recovery and growth. In April of this year, virtually all operations


With the completion this week of a mission from Malaysia to Arizona, USA, this lucky (or perhaps unlucky, depending on who you ask) Citation Mustang made it completely around the globe over the past 16 months. The journey started back in April, 2019 in South Carolina, when this Mustang sold to a new owner and


It’s been an exciting week for Shepherd Aero and one of our clients. We added this beautiful Challenger 604 to our managed aircraft fleet, and we’re seeing this is indeed a wonderful time to be investing in private air travel. Thank you to Jetcraft and CFS Jets for providing our client with a top-notch experience,



Shepherd Aero is able to offer a wide catalog of services, allowing for a fully integrated and seamless experience for our Clients. With our breadth of aircraft operational expertise, Shepherd Aero is equipped to handle virtually any need and meet it with creative solutions. Plus, with operating bases around the contiguous United States, Hawaii, China, India, and South Africa, Shepherd Aero resources are strategically located to serve Clients anywhere on earth.