Shepherd Aero Services for Aircraft Buyers

We specialize in supporting owner transitions, acquisitions, and operations

We cover everything from aircraft diligence, international transaction coordination and execution, import/export, and change of registration; to assistance with getting your operations and flight department up and running

On top of that, we have a vast pool of knowledgeable jet and turbine experts for training and general pilot service. Our international trip support, as well as maintenance supervision and comprehensive AOG support and recovery services, ensure that you'll never be left stranded. RVSM and other regulatory/compliance services are also available

Ferry Pilot Services

All logistical requirements will be taken care of by our experienced crews. Your aircraft will be delivered safely, on schedule, with pilot services available on demand.

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Aircraft Trustee Services

Reliable trustee services from experts in aircraft acquisitions and registration. Discreet, safe, and cost-effective.

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Aircraft Management 
& Compliance

Save money and increase compliance by having us manage your aircraft. Crewing, certification, trust services, worldwide travel.

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Light Jet Initial
and Recurrent Training

Our professional instructors are knowledgeable and experienced in a wide variety of aircraft types and equipment.

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International Trip Support

All of the planning and logistics necessary for a pilot and airplane to fly international trips; customs, fuel, weather, and ground coordination.

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AOG Aircraft Services Worldwide

Some situations require special equipment, expertise, and parts. Some situations prove more urgent or difficult. That's when you need our skills the most.

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