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Safety Equipment

Survival equipment rental and provisioning

Survival kits and equipment for worldwide and trans-oceanic ops

  • SWITLIK ISPLR Single Place Life Rafts or SOLAS-approved high occupancy rafts available
  • Survival suits, including constant-wear suits appropriate for use while piloting
  • Iridium satellite phones, with remote antenna and headset adaptor for cockpit use
  • 406MHz personal satellite ELT/EPIRB rescue beacons, properly registered
  • Oceanic Canada/Greenland/Iceland compliant survival kits including laser flare
  • Waterproof handheld VHF radios
  • Part 135 provisionary equipment also available

All safety gear replaced or overhauled within last 24 months

International trip kits for crews

  • Prepaid foreign SIM cards and unlocked worldwide phones
  • Satcom rental
  • Worldwide Blackberry
  • Spot trackers
  • Power adaptors
  • Netbooks with GSM data connectivity worldwide and Skype hardware

Supply Provisioning

Morale-boosting creature comforts delivered halfway around the world

Logo apparel, custom uniform elements (wings, hat badges)

Courier services on commercial or private aircraft for urgent, time-critical deliveries

US retail sundry supply to crews stationed worldwide

  • Satisfy crew and client requests for retail goods sold or easily found only in the United States
  • Toiletries, periodicals, specialty foods
  • All import and tax formalities prepaid to client locations
  • Express delivery available