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The laser focus on safety of a dedicated aircraft management company is nearly impossible to achieve with an internal flight department. Safety and compliance are at the core of every action and decision surrounding the aircraft operation.

Crew Provisioning 
The most important safety equipment on any aircraft is the flight crew.  Recruitment, training, and monitoring of the crew is essential to building a strong team. Flight crew retention is also crucial during this time of pilot shortages.

Maintenance Control and Planning
Jet aircraft are subject to dozens of separate inspections and life limitation requirements. Without guidance it is easy to inadvertently end up in violation. Effective aircraft management service can save you downtime and cost of maintenance through the professional supervision of scheduled maintenance tasks, and the use of industry connections.

Control Expenses 
With management fees less than 10% of the total cost of operating the aircraft, financial control, executed by a skilled operator, should save you more than you spend on the management service itself.  We carefully balance flight operational needs with necessary purchases to save you money. 

Financial Reporting 
There are a great deal of hidden costs related to the operation of a private aircraft. The financial information role of the aircraft manager is an integral part of the management process because we carefully document aircraft usage, and expenses. We also use real world data to create a functioning budget. 

Prices vary with aircraft type, location of service, and specific client needs