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International Trip Support

Get airline class dispatch support for your general aviation operation

The plots on the map above? That's just where we've been recently! Why use Shepherd for your international trip support?

  • All dispatch officers are ATP rated pilots with extensive international experience
  • Exclusive graphical flight following in Eurocontrol airspace for customer chosen parties
  • 24/7/365 telephone access to human provided flight status information from our dispatch
  • Automated alerting system to customer chosen parties with departure, 30-minutes-to-arrival, and arrival messaging available
  • Discrete company call-sign available for private flight operations
  • 100% confidential dispatch operations
  • SCI and need-to-know protocols applied to all customer data

Low flat rate daily costs save flight departments up to 90% over competitor services. Low administration fee on third party costs saves you money every step of the way

  • Weather briefing and flight plans as filed delivered to pilot hotel each night, with weather update provided at hotel or airport FBO each morning
  • Flight plan and nav-log delivered with weather briefing
  • Customs confirmations, airport and FIR PPRs and important trip details delivered with weather briefing
  • ACK and Route Points delivered to Blackberry or other portable device
  • In-flight updates issued via ACARS or Iridium SMS, and weather updates provided at each fuel stop
  • 24/7/365 dispatch officer access via telephone, sat-com or ACARS
  • Amendments to customs arrival times filed throughout your trip
  • Hands on airport slot and flight plan DLA management, with pilot DLA or CNL messages direct from Blackberry or iPhone
  • Eurocontrol routing for lowest cost airway and overflight fees in addition to weather and shortest distance
  • With over 30,000 Eurocontrol validated routes in our database and years of intra-europe flying experience, we make routing easy
  • Full ACARS support for in-flight contingencies and passenger convenience (concierge) services
  • Fuel pricing information to allow tankering decisions by pilots
  • Airport slot pre-arrangements and reconfirmation
  • Air crew repositioning services - discount airline tickets, hotels and ground transport from anywhere on earth to and from duty aircraft
  • Ground handling arrangements - hotels, ground transportation, aircraft servicing

Customs facilitation worldwide

  • eAPIS compliance (now required for all private air travel to and from the USA) - you telephone us, we call/text/email you back when the confirmation has been received
  • TSA Waivers and compliance with Security NOTAMS for entry to USA
  • Transport Canada notifications or arrival time amendments
  • UK General Aviation Report filings/notifications
  • Local customs handler arrangements
  • Flat rate full service handling and limited A'la carte services

Self service internet flight plan filing options with graphical flight following and notification is available via our EuroFPL service