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Ferry Pilot Services

Relocate jet and single-engine turbine aircraft, anytime, anywhere

Oceanic deliveries of jet and single-engine turbine aircraft are available to meet your needs. Turn-key services are available, supplementing safe transport of your aircraft with mechanical inspection, export documentation, approved ferry tanking, and insurance. Services are offered to both US (N-) and Canadian (C-) registered aircraft. Owner escorted service is also available

All logistical requirements will be taken care of and your aircraft delivered safely on your schedule, with pilot services available on demand

Does your aircraft need to move around the world for maintenance or repositioning? Shepherd Aero offers an insurance qualified way to move your jet or plane without you having to ride one-way on a commercial flight. We meet the open pilot warranties with most insurers. You can also fly your aircraft and use us as insurance qualified PIC/instructors.

  • We provide all oceanic and remote area survival equipment. No third party rentals required.
  • We provide all trip support, flight planning and logistics services worldwide. No third party trip support vendor required.
  • Part 91 privacy call-sign (ICAO code HAE) is available for aircraft movements requiring privacy, security. Trust administration and aircraft operator services are available to clients.
  • Approach plates and charts for flight operations are included at no additional charge for the US/Canada/NAT/EUR regions.

  • Ensure the aircraft is operated within regulatory and safety guidelines.
  • Make a good faith effort to ensure airworthiness through familiarity with the aircraft logbooks and personal review of operating documents and performance and limitations prior to each flight.
  • Minimize client costs by shopping for the lowest priced fuel, reasonable hotel and complimentary ground transportation whenever possible.
  • Seek 'Crew Rates' and other discounts for the benefit of the client whenever possible.
  • Pilot will attempt to utilize NATA trained fueling & ramp towing personnel whenever possible.
  • Pilot will supervise each fueling action and will personally instruct ramp towing personnel in the safe manner of towing aircraft any time NATA trained ramp towing personnel are not available.
  • Inspect areas of aircraft subject to ramp towing damage before each flight to ensure service personnel accountability.
  • Pilot will use NATA trained wing walkers and marshaling personnel whenever possible to minimize any chance of aircraft damage.
  • Pilot will observe sterile cockpit procedures during ramp operations.