Global Ferry Service

Flat rate, turn-key business aircraft movement across oceans

Oceanic deliveries of jet and single-engine turbine aircraft are available to meet your needs. Turn-key services are available, supplementing safe transport of your aircraft with mechanical inspection, export documentation, approved ferry tanking, and insurance. Services are offered to both US (N-) and Canadian (C-) registered aircraft. Owner escorted service is also available



Flat Rate, Full-Service
For a simple low flat price based on equipment size, number of crew, and continent pair, we take operational control of the aircraft and transports it turn-key from one corner of the world to another. 

Assisted Ferry Service 
One or two client supplied crew members enjoy Shepherd Aero full service turn-key dispatch and coordination through the trip. We can make the delivery of an aircraft into a trip of a lifetime.

LOA Service 
Approved operators can conduct ferry flight under our short term LOA’s for airspace approvals but choose to handle the coordination of fuel and handling themselves. This is not for the faint of heart but is a useful tool for experienced operators who just want the regulatory support without the full-service option. This service can also be combined with our a’la carte dispatch service.


International Regulations 

A ferry service is often the best solution for a private aircraft owner who needs to transport a plane around the world for maintenance or repositioning. These international trips can be logistically complex and inconvenient. Have our professional ferry service team manage the complexities for you. 

Proper Care of Your Aircraft

When it comes to ferry flights, it’s important to use a professional service to ensure that your aircraft is transported safely and through cost-effective methods. Not every pilot has the proper skills and experience to effectively ferry a client’s aircraft, especially in international airspace. 

Since 2006 we have been moving turbine aircraft across the world for brokers, OEM’s, buyers an sellers. The broker industry has come to rely on the turn-key service, diligent care, and organizational strength behind our ferry services. We are Ferry Specialists. 

Vertical Integration 

Shepherd is vertically integrated and handles all elements of a ferry flight in-house. We do not engage outside vendors for flight planning,
survival equipment, weather, customs coordination, or airspace approvals.  Our in house dispatch, survival equipment and trip support also improves service to our clients and reduces costs.

High Volume Discounts  

Shepherd Aero dwarfs most corporate operators in purchased fuel volume. We quote each fuel stop against every contract provider and have direct credit accounts and discounts with global ground handlers to minimize cost. Our regular navigation of domestic and international ferry routes allows for direct knowledge of regional fuel cost fluctuations and operational flexibility.

RVSM and MNPS Approvals

With only one-week lead time, ferry aircraft can be added to the Shepherd Aero fleet approvals for RVSM, MNPS, and other performance airspace privileges. Overall, the fuel savings from this service alone usually outweighs
our service costs.