Worldwide Flight Plan Filing and Tracking

Quick and easy flight plan organization, filing, and more from EuroFPL since 2009
  • Plan, file and manage your flights
  • Now serving basically anywhere AFTN dispatches are accepted
  • IFR and VFR flight plan filing with guaranteed IFPS ACKs in seconds, flyable in moments
  • All operational message responses relayed via email and/or SMS direct to pilot
  • IFR route catalog for Europe with over one million validated routes
  • Route finding, plotting, validating, and development tools
  • Full automated weather briefing with NOTAMS
  • Navigation logs with real-time, worldwide winds aloft in multiple formats
  • Automated flight progress notifications and graphical radar-based flight tracking (Europe/US)
  • Filed plans can be managed (DLA etc) via smart-phone web browser or SMS
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Enjoy EuroFPL! Email us at or post to the user forum with any questions, comments, and feedback. EuroFPL exists for pilots, by pilots.