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Employer of Record Service

For contract aircrew seeking to simplify their flight business

Be a contract pilot without running your own business.

All of your earned funds are kept within your "division" with a dedicated bank account. As the Manager of your division, you set your rate of pay and benefits package.

KCL retains only very small fees for administration. In most cases, your tax savings will more than pay for administration charges.

Weekly payroll with direct deposit to receive your funds quickly. Easy records - all pay-stubs and W-2's available on-line for at least three years.

Washington State employer and domicile - no state income tax or state filing required.

Obtain tax benefits only available to employees of C-corporations:

  • Health insurance with pre-tax dollars
  • Per Diem daily tax free payment for all travel days
  • Uniforms and dry cleaning
  • Education and training reimbursements

Plus all other write-offs available to small businesses (as reimbursements).

Maximize pre-tax 401K contributions.

Safety - all your "Division" earnings are held by third-party bank fiduciary:

  • Bank of Hawaii holds all "Division" funds
  • Each "Division" revenues held in separate, dedicated bank account
  • Internet banking access to view your "Division" account direct with Bank of Hawaii 24/7/365

Increase professionalism to clients with pilot background check and (optional) drug testing program.

Reduce audit liability potential - as W-2 based employee. Increased credit availability - as a W-2 based employee with pay-stubs and employment letters for loan documentation. Flexibility to manage gross income - Increased, decreased or deferred according to your needs.

Access to other Shepherd Aero services like uniform and supply provisioning services, EuroFPL and more.