Aircrew Provisioning

For operators requiring contract pilots

Finding the right crew members for your aircraft and passengers can be a hassle. Let Shepherd Aero take care things, whether you are looking for a Contract Pilot or a Flight Attendant to serve your passengers.

Shepherd Aero crew members are:

  • Experienced - To your insurance requirements, minimum 500 hours in type, 500 PIC for captain positions + ARG/US pilot experiential requirements
  • Background checked - all elements of their resume/pilot data have been verified and updated within the previous 90 days
  • Crew can be tested and enrolled in a ongoing drug prevention program compliant with CFR 135.251
  • Current and trained in type within the previous 12 months
  • Available - in your city, on your schedule, to complete your mission
  • Equipped - all carry laptops, international cell phones, and all equipment necessary to perform their duties

Flight attendants are all background checked with 3 years corporate flight attendant experience minimum.

Prices vary with aircraft type, location of service, and specific client needs.