Aircraft Acquisition and Representation

Buying, selling, import/export, and registration services
Our team is equipped to assist you with sourcing the right aircraft, negotiation and purchasing, as well as acceptance and delivery, and all the little steps required in between.
  • Acquirers of US aircraft for operation outside of the United States (as N-reg or to be exported)
  • US Trust services for foreign owners of N-reg aircraft (provided by third-party fiduciaries)
  • Aircraft registration, title and escrow services (provided by third-party fiduciaries)
  • Zero percent VAT aircraft import for free circulation within the European Union
  • Supervision of heavy maintenance on foreign aircraft in the United States
  • Tax free export of maintenance and upgrades to aircraft preparing for export
  • Pre-buy aircraft inspection, test flights and buyer representation services for foreign buyers
  • US operational control for modification of foreign aircraft in US IAW security NOTAMS
  • Custodial possession of N-reg aircraft before export to foreign registry

  • Prices vary with aircraft type, location of service, and specific client needs